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Professional Weaver at Work – Linda Lomasney
I am a native Vermonter, having lived in the Northeast Kingdom all of my life. The women in my family have traditionally been artistic on some level, whether sewing, weaving, cooking, painting, or gardening. I find myself wanting to do it all, or at least making an attempt.

I took several basket weaving classes from a local woman in the 90’s. I have had opportunities to learn from many other basket weavers throughout the years. I honor the talents of those weavers who have shared their knowledge through patterns, articles, and stories. I am passionate about what I have learned and welcome the opportunity to share that with others. I am grateful to be considered a teacher of this art.

My baskets are made with reed a sustainable product in our world. Wooden bases, handles, accent colors, decorative pieces, maple strips and more complete the basket. The beauty of a basket is that no two are alike; each one is unique. Most of my baskets are traditional and functional, others are decorative. The uses are endless.

I find basket weaving to be very relaxing. My mind can be creative. I watch my hands weave and shape; I count rows; I become mesmerized. I am mindful of those weavers before me. And I smile at the thought of those who will be weaving after me.