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Vermont Baskets in Studio

“I love my baskets! They are versatile, useful and so lovely. It’s wonderful to have such functional works of art throughout our house.” Christine, Colebrook, NH

“I ordered a custom basket as a Christmas gift for a dear friend last year. Linda could not have been more accommodating. She worked with the color scheme in a photo of my friend’s room and brilliantly matched both the colors and the intensity of the colors. My friend, who is an accomplished artist, was thrilled with every aspect of the basket. Beautifully made and perfect for her room. Suspect I will never again be able to find anything as suitable and genuinely enjoyed as a gift for this dear friend. Working with Linda to accomplish this was remarkably easy and pleasant.” Peggy, Marshfield, VT

“We met Linda years ago while staying at the Balsams Resort. We purchased lovely baskets then and over the years have continued adding to our collection of Linda’s baskets. In addition, we have given many as gifts. When we need something extra special we know we can look to Linda to create the perfect gift. She has a great eye for color and design. It is a pleasure working with her!” Jenn and William, Boston, MA

“What a gem! Traveling to New England and meeting Linda was perfect! Her collection of baskets were so inviting that we purchased several knowing we had no room on the plane! We asked Linda if she would ship them and she did. When we arrived home, our beautiful baskets were there. We have since had Linda customize baskets for gifts and ourselves. It is so easy to work with Linda, I will order baskets for years to come.” Rebecca, Davis, CA

“Stunning and beautiful! Both the baskets and Linda! Such a joy to work with! These baskets will bring joy for years to come. Alex, NY, NY

I love my basket. Back home in Massachusetts and it looks so pretty next to my knitting chair. You do beautiful work. Hope your craft fair was successful. Feel free to add the comments. Every word is true. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. And I am going to make a note of your web page. You never know when I may need a gift or another basket for myself.” Barbara

“I happened upon Deedas’ Baskets just by chance as I was searching for some specialty baskets for my newly remodeled kitchen. I wanted baskets that were extra-deep and extra-sturdy, as well as attractive. There was a note on the web site that I could contact the owner with questions. The baskets turned out beautiful! People comment on them all the time. They were reasonably priced. I pull them in and out of the space several times a day and they are holding up great to the wear and tear. I have spent more money than I care to admit on the “name brand” baskets and I probably love these “Deedas’ Baskets” more than all the others put together.” -Fran Hickman, Virginia

“I love my new clothes basket. I needed a new clothespin basket to go with it. I submitted the order to Deeda’s Baskets and have been very pleased with the new little pin basket that matches the big one!” -Denise Nervik, Washington

Linda’s baskets are beautifully crafted and perfect for everyday use. I purchased a basket for my Mother’s knitting so she can easily carry her projects with her; Linda worked with me to decide on colors,finish, and sizing to create the perfect gift. She was great to work with and had the basket finished soon after my order. -Lyndsey Marsten, New Hampshire

“I commissioned Linda to create a basket big enough that I could haul all my matted photography in for transporting and exhibiting at shows and galleries. Not only does my basket fit the bill, but it is so light and easy to carry by the hand-crafted, hand-painted ceramic handles, that I can fill it up without it being a burden to carry. As an added bonus, it is also flexible enough to conform to my body when I do carry it, making it that much safer to carry a heavier load. It is also attractive enough that I am proud to use it for merchandising. I am absolutely 100% satisfied. Deeda’s Baskets are a great value!” -Francine Bigney, New Hampshire

“I would love to give you a testimonial about your baskets. You are the greatest & so prompt on making baskets for me. I had Linda make me a round basket to hang on my bathroom wall so I could roll up hand towels & wash clothes for easy access for guests & also for appearance, I love it and so do friends & family members. Great idea! I also have a square one for the same purpose. Linda asks what stain to use & what color trim you want. She is the best!” -Cheryl S., Vermont

“Linda’s baskets are of superior quality and craftsmanship. You are truly getting a custom made treasure when you order a basket from her. She is kind and professional and very timely in her creations. I am grateful Linda has chosen to share her extraordinary talent and beautiful gift with me and my family!” – Stacy Bordas, Wheeling, West Virginia

“Deeda’s Baskets bring warmth, style, and organization to any space. And I love that I get to pick custom colors to coordinate with my décor!” -Jennifer D. Mason, Westwood, Massachusetts

“The first time I saw Linda’s “Annette’s Basket” at a local fair I knew I had to make the purchase. I now have Annette’s basket which sits beneath my kitchen island filled with kitchen essentials. Every time I look at my basket I think of the skill and time it took Linda to create. ..a beautiful piece of art.” -Tracy, New Hampshire

“We just used the picnic basket we received from you for the first time, and we love it. We especially like the flat hinged tops that act as little tables. Thanks for such a fine basket! ” -Best, Jeff Iseminger, Minnesota

“The basket arrived yesterday, and it is exactly what I envisioned. Thank you for your prompt attention to my order.” -Best, Janet Chioffi, Vermont

“Working with Linda to get just the laundry basket that would fill my needs was such a pleasure. She fulfilled my wish list to a tee and I love the result she made just for me. Everyone who sees it, compliments the workmanship and styling.” -Donna Reeves, Michigan

“I’m thrilled to tell the world about your baskets! Not only were they beautiful and well-made, but you bent over backward to make them to my needs and get them to me in a very timely fashion. They proved to be very sturdy and survived a lot of rough handling, onstage and, even more, offstage. We were very happy with them!” -Nancy, Kansas City Repertory Theatre, Kansas City, Missouri

“Linda is truly a gifted and talented basket weaver. I had a chance to work with her on several custom designs and they turned out fabulous. Her work is meticulous and she is willing to work with your ideas and suggestions. It is a pleasure to work with her. She truly puts her heart into what she does.”
-Judy, New York

“Instead of stacking things on the stairs, we use our Deeda’s Basket every day to carry things up the stairs. Everything goes in our basket… toys, cloths, and books. We have had it for several years, and it is as good as new! It is beautiful and adds charm to our home. The quality and craftsmanship of her baskets can not be beat! We will be enjoying ours for years to come.” -Roxanne, New Hampshire