Basket Collection

All measurements are approximate. Because all baskets are unique, measurements will vary a bit. Many colors are available for weavers. Each completed basket is stained with "Weaver's Stain". This helps protect the life of the basket. Color choices for stain are oak, walnut, black walnut and clear. 
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Door Handmade Vermont Basket     

Finished:  8 1/2 high, 10 x 5 at base.
Features:  Wooden base, natural and dyed weavers, wooden handle.

[$47.00] [order]

Couch Potato Vermont Handmade Baskets     

Finished:  12 1/2" high including legs, 10 x 7 as a base.
Features:  Solid woven base, natural and dyed weavers, wooden legs, and swing handle.

[$63.00] [order]

Win Basket Handmade in Vermont     

Finished:  11" high, 10" across.
Features:  Solid wooden 8" base, 4 positions removable divider, natural and dyed weavers, swing handle.

[$63.00] [order]

Darning Handmade Vermont Baskets     

Finished: 6" high excluding handle
Features: 14"x7" open weave base, natural weavers with wooden slip in handle.

[$55.00] [order]