Basket Collection

All measurements are approximate. Because all baskets are unique, measurements will vary a bit. Many colors are available for weavers. Each completed basket is stained with "Weaver's Stain". This helps protect the life of the basket. Color choices for stain are oak, walnut, black walnut and clear. 
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Colorful Storage     

Finished:  8" high and approximately 44" circumference.
Features:  8 x 12 open weave base, natural spokes, dyed weavers, and leather handles.

[$63.00] [order]

Store it all Baskets handmade in Vermont     

Finished:  12" high and approximately 41" circumference.
Features:  9 x 13 oval wooden base, natural and dyed weavers, and wooden bushel side handles.

[$98.00] [order]

Big and Beautiful Handmade Vermont Basket     

Finished: 23" diameter, 15" high.
Features: Solid wooden base and side handles. Small and large natural weavers throughout the body.

[$120.00] [order]

Tall Laundry Basket handmade in Vermont     

Finished: circumference 52", 18" high.
Features: Open weave at base, natural weavers & braided sea grass throughout the body. Wooden handles on the side.

[$95.00] [order]

New England Quilt Basket handmade in Vermont     

Finished: 14" wide x 23" long 16" high.
Features: Wooden base and handle, natural weavers throughout the body.

[$120.00] [order]

Stair Basket handmade Vermont     

Finished: 8.5" wide x 20" long x 15" high.
Features: Stair step basket with approximately 8" rise. Wooden handle, natural & colored weavers and braided seagrass.

[$73.00] [order]

Flower Gathering Basket made in Vermont     

Finished: 14 1/2" wide x 30" long, 5" high.
Features: Solid woven base with handle woven into structure. Natural weavers throughout the body.

[$60.00] [order]

Classic Holiday Handmade Vermont Basket     

Finished: 11" wide x 15 1/2" long x 8" high.
Features: Solid woven base, two swing handles, natural weavers throughout body.

[$57.00] [order]

Christine's Storage Handmade Vermont Basket     

Finished: 5" high, 12" x 18" at base.
Features: Solid woven base, natural weavers, wooden handles.

[$63.00] [order]

Lazy Susan Basket handmade in Vermont     

Finished: 12" across, 5"high from table top
Features: 11" solid bottom on a pedestal that moves. Natural and colored weavers throughout body, braided border.

[$53.00] [order]  (other size available 9" base $50.00)